Multiprocess Welders
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Universal MTA 600 ARC/MIG/TIG WELDER Genesis 600 HD ARC

It's a choice for mild steel sheet metal fabrication, stainless steel sheet metal fabrication ,  General Fabrication shops. Its best option for applications requiring ARC and MIG welding. Suitable up to 1.6 mm MIG filler wire and works with 2.0mm, 3.15mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm,6.0mm electrodes. Supports TIG Welding with inbuilt High Frequency Unit.


Process: ARC / Stick / MIG / MAG / TIG / Argon welding equipment.Input: 350V to 465V,  3Ph, 50Hz-60Hz.  Installed power@100%: 15.8HP. Input KVA @ 60%:  CC  mode:32.6 ;CV mode:32.69 Input KVA @ 100%:  CC mode:22.23 ;CV mode:21.4  Output: OCV-DC: 75-85 VDC (CC Mode) OCV-DC: 16-54 VDC (CV Mode). Max current: 600Amps.Dimensions: W x L x H (in mm): 410x640x720. Weight in Kgs: 108 Kg (Approx).  Generator Compatible.Current Range: 10Amps to 600 Amps Duty Cycle: Current @ 60%: 600Amps Current @ 100%: 465AmpsCopyright© Advanced Power Sources Limited. DCCCUNIVERSAL MA 600