Multiprocess Welders
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Universal MA 600 ARC/MIG WELDER Genesis 600 HD ARC

It's a choice for mild steel sheet metal fabrication, stainless steel sheet metal fabrication ,  General Fabrication shops. Its best option for applications requiring ARC and MIG welding. Suitable up to 1.6 mm MIG filler wire and works with 2.0mm, 3.15mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm,6.0mm electrodes.


Process: ARC / Stick / MIG / MAG welding  equipment.Input: 350V to 465V,  3Ph, 50Hz-60Hz.  Installed power@100%: 15.8HP. Input KVA @ 60%:  CC  mode:32.6 ;CV mode:32.69 Input KVA @ 100%:  CC mode:22.23 ;CV mode:21.4  Output: OCV-DC: 75-85 VDC (CC Mode) OCV-DC: 16-54 VDC (CV Mode). Max current: 600Amps.Dimensions: W x L x H (in mm): 410x640x720. Weight in Kgs: 108 Kg (Approx).  Generator Compatible.Current Range: 10Amps to 600 Amps Duty Cycle: Current @ 60%: 600Amps Current @ 100%: 465AmpsCopyright© Advanced Power Sources Limited. DCCCUNIVERSAL MA 600